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Chairman's Message

Dear Prospective Parents,

The greatest opportunity one can receive is being the honour & service to one’s society & community. I feel real privileged to have been bestowed with the blessing of steering & leading SRIMSR Raipur a healthcare institution with a long & rich heritage with a future towards growth & development. The SRIMSR has been formed with a vision to preserve & sustain quality human lives & I sincerely look forward in taking this well ahead with utmost commitment.
SRIMSR hospital is the realization of a dream I conceived and realized with the co-operation of all stakeholders from all walks of life. It is a unit of Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Lok Kalyan Trust and was founded in Year 2000 with a mission to reach underprivileged of society residing in remote areas. The spiritual preaching, zest for religious and social services for mankind is implemented through the hospital and spreading health services among masses.

Therefore, SRIMSR is motivated by the twin principles of research and caring. These principles not only define who we are as a group, they also drive what we do. It is these two principles that the almost every faculty in SRIMSR want to convey first and foremost. But we also want to systematically impart medical knowledge to students and trainees.

The greatest act of caring for our patients is to ensure that the future generation of physicians will not just reproduce our care, but be better than we are SRIMSR plans to maximize this, both with inductive and didactic methodologies.

Renowned saint philanthropist and philosopher.