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With the plan to deliver high quality and patient centric emergency care, the management started the department of Emergency Medicine.

The methodology of care delivery is guided by the core principle of Emergency Medicine: “Treat first that kills first.” The academic programme is run in a way that right from the beginning the resident doctors under training learn to think in an algorithmic manner. Their modus operandi is based on the framework provided by the time tested and dynamically updated strategies from ATLS, ACLS, PALS and NALS, which all the post graduate residents are expected to be certified with before the completion of their training.

The diagnostic and therapeutic approach is run in a manner which is well though yet swift, extensive yet resource efficient. Emergency Medicine acts as the unfaltering anchoring foundation on which the patient’s entire prognosis is built upon. Equipped with state of the art point-of-care diagnostics and easy access to advanced laboratory and radiology services, the department truly is a standing testament to what a modern day Emergency Department should be like.

We have casualty well equipped with 3 trolley cum bed for triage and 30 bedded emergency wards for triage to handle varied emergencies.

Experts with a background in the fields of Anaesthesia, Medicine Surgery, OBG, Paediatrics, Orthopaedic and Trauma care have acted as mentors in creating a new generation of Emergency Department  physicians who as young leaders taking this novel specialty to new pinnacles with great vigour and vision.


• To run a robust training programme and create a new generation of leaders in the field of Emergency Medicine.
• To provide swift and versatile emergency care to the patients, in line with the international standards, with the aim to make significant prognostic impact
• To publish meaningful research that advances the cause of evidence based medicine.
• To become an integral part of the network of academic emergency programmes spread across India.
• To create opportunities to plug into the global grid of emergency medicine.
• To lay the foundation for a sophisticated level 1 trauma centre.



  • Medical evaluation, diagnosis, recommended treatment and disposition of the emergency patient, as well as the direction and coordination of all other care provided to the patient.
  • 24/7 service for any Medical/ Surgical Emergency or Trauma case.
  • Serves any age group from Paediatrics to Geriatrics.
  • Critical lifesaving procedures like endotracheal intubations, central venous lines , thrombolysis (Stroke and Myocardial Infarction) and short term critical monitoring of the patients till they are transferred to a higher order of care.
  • Minor surgical procedures: removal of superficial foreign bodies, superficial wound suturing.
  • Burn dressing, wound debridement/washout, incision and drainage of superficial abscess.
  • Emergency surgical interventions: chest drain insertion, needle thoracotomy, pericardiocentesis, cricothyroidectomy etc.
  • Designated 24×7 code blue response team.
  • Initial screening and treatment of haemodynamically unstable COVID suspects.
  • Mass casualty.

Why choose SRIMSR ?

  • Well-qualified and experienced faculty.
  • Industry tie-ups and International collaborations.
  • 20+ Years of Experience.
  • High Standard Detailing in Academics.
  • Smart Classes and Online Learning available.

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